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Effective communication is essential for success across every aspect of life, from romance, to business, to health and wellness. Suboptimal communication, on the other hand, hinders individuals from attaining their goals and realizing their full potential. The Communication Genome Project is an effort to optimize this very human and often imperfect activity. It seeks to answer intriguing questions such as these:

  • What if a patient with multiple chronic conditions could be persuaded to take his or her medication every day, always keep doctor’s appointments, and maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  • What if romantic matches could be made based on conversational compatibility in addition to similarities in written profiles?
  • What if an entire class of kindergarteners could be incentivized to heed their teacher’s wishes to remain seated, participate actively, and discover the joys of learning?

Our Solution: The Communication Genome Project

At Transcendent Endeavors, we are developing cutting-edge solutions that surmount communication barriers. Drawing advances from diverse fields such as natural language processing and behavioral economics, the Communication Genome Project (CGP) is a massive effort to decode communication into its most elemental components. These “genes”, housed in a vast and continuously growing genome, make it possible to render the communication process into a machine-readable form, thus allowing each step in that process to be analyzed methodologically and optimized with pinpoint accuracy. This innovative approach will allow individuals and organizations to transcend communication barriers, enhance interpersonal relationships, and achieve greater shared outcomes.

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